Mat Tomaszewski

UX & visual designer, design manager

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I have over a decade of experience in design industry. I created solutions for desktop OS and apps, web apps, websites and other media.

I led small and large design projects. I worked with designers and developers, recognising that negotiation, inspiration and relationships are as important as great design solutions.

I think that the key to great designs is in studying humans.



Skype for Windows 8

Currently managing a small team of designers working on the Skype Modern (a.k.a. "Metro") app.

Skype in

Led the design of Skype in, Skype's first web-based video-calling app.


Led the design on various strategic cross-platform initiatives for Skype, stretching from mobile to desktop and web.


Notify OSD – new notification system for Ubuntu Desktop and Netbook Edition

Notify OSD is a central part of an entirely new notification system for Ubuntu Desktop and Netbook, and is based on non-actionable notification bubbles.

I led prototyping and visual design and worked with Matthew Paul Thomas and Mark Shuttleworth on defining the interactions and details of the bubble behaviour. The work also involved coordination between design and development team.

Boot, login and shutdown experience for Ubuntu 9.10

I led the UX specification, prototyping and visual explorations. The work involved coordination between various development teams and design, as well as engaging with the Ubuntu artwork community.

Design explorations for future elements of Ubuntu UI

Working directly with Mark Shuttleworth, I created visuals, Flash mockups and prototypes as part of the future Ubuntu UI explorations.

Ubuntu One Music Store

Ubuntu One Music Store is one of the central pieces of the new Ubuntu One personal cloud offerings. I created visuals and provided UX consultancy for the store, which is a default feature of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu One website

The work involved creating more emotional message that would support the new vision for the product, optimising user journeys and aligning the visual logic with the Web Guidelines. Collaboration with the U1 team on ensuring quality implementation also played an important part.

The site's commercial performance increased dramatically immediately after the new design was launched.

Askubuntu is a Q&A site for Ubuntu users and developers, built on the StackExchange platform. My work involved designing the logo and a custom look&feel for the site, aligned with the new Ubuntu look.

Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase – animated intro

A small animated piece promoting Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase competition, created using Blender on Ubuntu. Music: ‘Swansong’ by Josh Woodward, the 10.10 edition winner.

You can read more about this video on the Canonical design blog.

Ubuntu web design guidelines

After the new visual identity for Ubuntu and Canonical was established, I worked on delivering the design guidelines for the Web, to be used by the Ubuntu community and internally.

Design explorations for Ubuntu and Canonical on the web

As part of establishing the new visual language for the web, I was exploring the various Ubuntu and Canonical web properties, from blogs to wikis.


Web application for Honda UK

Pitch design for a large internal web app for Honda UK.

Website design for Craster

Pitch design for the website and online catalogue.

Website design for 2Heads

Pitch and website design for a global global events and exhibitions agency.

Flash app design for Vodafone

Another pitch design, this time for Vodafone UK.

Flash demo for Carat

Animated flash presentations for a large communications agency.

Talent Labs – Flash microsite

Flash microsite showing Talent Labs facilities, part or the Chemistry Group offering. The work involved visual design, 3D modeling, rendering and animation and Flash coding.

Chemistry Recruitment – teaser animation

A short animated teaser created prior to the launch of the new website for Chemistry Recruitment. I created the concept, storyboard and stills, which were then nicely animated by Rob Cleaton.

Website design for Chemistry Recruitment

Chemistry is not a typical recruitment agency, and the design had to reflect this. The contact form design was featured in Smashing Magazine.

Sales tool and Flash product demos for Canon

Worked on the pitch design, animated demo, product slides and Flash prototype for the sales tool for Canon UK.

Flash demo for BMW

Animated Flash demo slides for BMW Corporate Sales.

Website design for Rpoints/Cashback Kings

Created online identity for the twin sites offering cashback products.

Rawnet showreel 2007

Showreel showcasing Rawnets work for 2007. I worked on the main editing and large pieces of animation.

Web application for Atisreal

Pitch design for the brand management web app for Atisreal.


I'm currently a full-time employee at Skype.
If you can beat that, get in touch :)